Mindfulness meditation is a centuries-old contemplative practice that teaches you ways to live more fully in the present moment.  It's an invitation to lean into your life as it is right now.  With continued practice, you learn to manage the ups and downs of life without getting tossed about as easily.

We know from a growing body of research that regular practice helps to lower our stress levels, decreases rumination, and boosts working memory and focus.  Individuals who regularly practice mindfulness report feeling more satisfied with life and their relationships and are less emotionally reactive.  Studies show that we are actually happier when we're living in the present moment. 

I bring a gentle and kind approach to the classes that I teach.  I understand that individuals are not always able to partake in 8-week MBSR classes and offer individual mindfulness sessions to meet your scheduling needs.

Please contact me to learn more about beginning private mindfulness sessions with me.  All of our work can be done over the phone or via online. Please see my bio for a complete listing of my training.   

Practices included in individual mindfulness work with Denise: 

  • mindfulness of the breath
  • mindfulness of the body
  • mindfulness of seeing and hearing
  • mindful eating
  • mindful movement
  • loving-kindness and self compassion 

An Invitation To Lean Into Your Life.

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Denise Kozikowski, PhD, RYT